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We are a team of talented & ambitious professionals who have come together to offer quality life by doing our utmost to shape the future of tomorrow.

We are Growmax Abacus, a Mathematical Education Company based at Hingoli, India. We have our presence in 10+ Cities. We share our educational concepts through 20-plus Associate Education Franchisee. We are a company driven by the educational needs of the next generation. We expertise in identifying basic learning problems in kids and accordingly develop programs to ease their learning process. We are one of the largest Abacus company with a global presence.

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Empowering young minds globally through the ancient art of abacus education, GrowMax Abacus envisions a future where every child embraces mathematics with confidence and enthusiasm, unlocking their full potential to succeed in a dynamic world.
GrowMax Abacus is dedicated to transforming math education through interactive abacus learning experiences, fostering confidence and skill development in students. Our mission is to empower young minds with essential mathematical abilities, preparing them for lifelong success.

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